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Gauvin Scholars, Class of 2014

Gauvin Scholars, Class of 2014

I think spring is finally here.  The climbing temperatures this week gives us a preview of what Aroostook holds for us this summer.  I don’t know about you, but the sun was welcomed yesterday, a warm bright beautiful round object that gives the world life.

In education, spring means a lot of things.  It means summer vacation is only weeks away, students become much more antsy and impatient, and seniors begin to realize that graduation is going to happen, and that scholarships are due.  Most have the tendency to put off applying until the last minute. This often frustrates parents and teachers, but we all understand why.  As much as seniors would deny this, graduation is a scary transition.  A child becomes a sort-of adult after high school graduation.  Regardless of the direction he chooses, he is no longer considered a child.  Many of our young people choose to begin college, others join the military, and others head right into the workforce.

As an education centered organization, spring is very important to Aroostook Aspirations.  This is the time of year our Scholar Applications are due. We open up the opportunity to become a Gauvin Scholar to students in every high school across Aroostook.  We commit to one Scholar each year from each high school.  With generous and incredible support, that number WILL BE higher this year.  Just how much higher remains to be seen…and we want to surprise our fans and our supporters.

My WAGM show last week was about Scholarship applications.  (If you missed it and would like to see it click here.)  The Gauvin Scholar application is due at the end of this week.  We have dozens of applications, an amazing response this year from our Aroostook students.  A wonderful sign that many of our kids are choosing Aroostook County postsecondary schools for their education.  We are partnered with each university and our community college. UMFK, UMPI, Husson and NMCC have been and continue to be invaluable partners for our organization, for our Gauvin Scholars, and for Aroostook County.  Having access to the programs each of our partners offers is an asset and a benefit for our organization and for this County.  We are very lucky to have these partners, and Aroostook is lucky too.

Scholarships are an amazing thing aren’t they?  Investments, legacies.  That’s what they are, investments in the future, legacies of people, companies, hope.  The hope? The trust that this student will finish college, will land a job in Aroostook, and then will hopefully give back to this area.  Ray and Sandy Gauvin have invested in Aroostook youth for years.  For over a decade the Gauvins have provided scholarships to young people seeking a college degree.  The success rate of these students in INCREDIBLE: 97% of the students completed college and 75% of the students live here in Aroostook.  If you visit our Facebook page you’ll see these students being highlighted over the next few weeks.  Look for Abbey Clair first. She’s receiving her master’s degree in just a few weeks.  A great story of an Aroostook young person with the goal of achieving her education and living in our County.


Abbey Clair, Gauvin Scholar


Abbey is one of over 100 Gauvin Scholars, and the numbers continue to grow.  Scholars 2014 Presentation Pictures

These pictures were taken in May 2014, one of the best months of my life.  It is both my privilege and honor to share the news that a student has been selected as a Gauvin Scholar.  Our Committee reviews applications for weeks, scores, and selects students we believe are key investments for Aroostook’s future.  With your help, we could select even more.  Visit www.gauvinfund.org, learn about what we do with our program, how we mentor and support our Scholars, and why this program is so very important.  Donate today, just $10 a month can literally help dozens of Aroostook kids…for the price of a coffee a week you can help us change lives…what a deal!

Over the next few weeks our Facebook will share pictures of the students who will become the future of Aroostook and our next class of Gauvin Scholars.  You won’t want to miss it! Help us, help them, and help Aroostook.