A new year, new adorable faces, and a commitment to our mission!

First question answered for you: “Why are you talking about a new year? It’s MAY!”

Yes, for most folks, the new year happened five months ago in a snowy, cold month known as January.  Yet, for my program, for Aroostook Aspirations Initiative, our new “year” starts at the end of May.  “Why?” You ask? Because…they…are…coming, the class of 2015 Gauvin Scholars.



Look how excited Andrew White (a 2014 Gauvin Scholar) is.  He joins us this week for some SUPER, SPECIAL events!  This is the start of our official GAUVIN SCHOLAR week.

IMG_5663I’m just slightly excited too–ever so slightly. (Seriously, only slightly.)

Scholar Week – Announced

You may be wondering: What makes Gauvin Scholars, well Gauvin Scholars?  What sets them apart? What makes them special? Why do we look for them?  I’m SO GLAD you asked!

Gauvin Scholars are committed to three things: Aroostook, Community, and Service.  They have incredible character and impeccable work ethic, most have held jobs throughout high school, participated in lots of after school activities, and they have a connection to their hometowns.  These are the kids who WANT to stay in Aroostook County.  They have a commitment to this area, to us–you and I–to our shared future.  In a nutshell, they are EXCEPTIONAL kids…incredible to the core…and yet often overlooked for many scholarship opportunities.

The qualities that make them so exceptional for Aroostook Aspirations may not necessarily match what many other programs search for.  We look for those everyday, average kids who work hard, love Aroostook, and have BIG DREAMS.  Many of these kids have more than 100 hours of community service THIS YEAR ALONE.  That is a commitment to community, a commitment to the people who live here, a commitment to the communities that make Aroostook “The County.”

Next week’s blog will have tons more information about these exceptional kids I’ll call Gauvin Scholars for the rest of their lives.  They are receiving an amazing opportunity, an opportunity to join a growing, powerful network of business, community, and civic leaders, the opportunity to lead Aroostook into the future, an opportunity to make Aroostook strong. (And the opportunity to work with me, which is awesome all by itself!)  Friends…we have to focus…on Aroostook and on our futures here.  Our children ARE the leaders of tomorrow…but someone has to guide them TODAY or they will not have the skills to achieve in this new global climate.  It is our responsibility to light their paths…they’ve chosen them already…we just have to strike a match.

Are you ready to make a difference in Aroostook? To help dozens (YES I CAN OFFICIALLY SAY DOZENS!!!!) of Aroostook kids succeed? Are you ready to reverse outward migration? To reduce poverty and increase median household income? I can site sources and I can call up figures…but the fact of the matter is: You know Aroostook is at a crossroads…and YOU CAN HELP. The best part? You won’t just make a difference, you could be THE DIFFERENCE for an Aroostook County kid. YOU can help our young people take Aroostook to an amazing future.  All you have to do? Click here & Donate. Join the growing number of investors in Aroostook’s future.  These kids…the ones you’ll meet…they are that future, and trust me…we are going to be in GREAT hands.

And…after meeting only a couple of our incredible new 2015 Gauvin Scholars, I can honestly say, “The future’s so bright…I gotta wear shades.” Wanna a sneak peek? Make sure you like our Facebook page.  There’s some shining new faces to meet!

Learn more: visit www.gauvinfund.org