Thank you, Amy White!

Many of us can look back and identify at least one person that greatly impacted our lives and potentially changed the path that we would follow.  Someone who pushed us to excel, supported us when we didn’t, and was always prepped with advice for the future.  That person could have been a boss, a teacher, or a community member. Looking back, they were much more than that….they were a mentor.

a-4811Aroostook Aspirations Initiative believes in celebrating mentors.  Each year, we ask our newly named Gauvin Scholars to nominate someone in their life to be Mentor of the Year.   This year’s award went to Amy White, a Business Technology Instructor at the Presque Isle Regional Career and Tech Center.  Her nomination letter, written by 2015 Gauvin Scholar Bailee Robichaud, showed just how important mentors can be to our students.


“Amy White was my teacher all four years of high school…As a freshman she pushed me to step outside my comfort zone and join Skills USA and because of that push, last year I was the Skills USA Maine State Secretary.  Over the years, I have seen her motivate and encourage many commonly shy, reserved kids…In the classroom, she encourages students to do the best they possibly can.  She’s constantly giving advice about college and their futures.  She goes above and beyond, reaching out to students to help them succeed.”

It wasn’t just Bailee’s letter that illustrated strong mentor qualities.  All of our Scholars identified important people in their life that helped them get where they are today. 

“I feel that the most deserving mentor I have ever met is…Pamela Murchison.  The love and kindness she shows her students inspires other people.  Her teaching led me to decide to pursue a business degree and her encouragement made me brave enough to run for National Honor Society Northern Region President…I will never be able to thank her for the impact she has had on my life.”

“Mrs. Brenda Thibodeau…has opened many eyes and hearts in and out of the medical field.  She has inspired and opened doors for those interested in nursing/medical field.  Even though nursing may not be for everyone, she still supports us to follow our dreams.”

“A mentor I would nominate would be Charles Collin….He made me look forward to going to school every day.  He believed in me when everyone else doubted me (I was the only girl in a Construction Trades class) and he always pushed me to pursue what I loved.  He made a huge impact on my life and I will forever cherish the memories I made in his class.”

“Sandra Deprey…taught me everything I know about dog grooming.  She helped me realize my future and helped me start my own business.”

Thank you, Amy White, for motivating and encouraging Bailee…for being supportive of all of your students.   Thank you to all of the people who make being a positive influence for our young people a priority.  To all of the mentors, we thank you!

Who was your mentor?  The person that listened to you, supported you, led you to your path, and rooted your feet back into reality when you needed it?  Celebrate them.  Tell us your story!