Are you up for the Challenge?

When we first moved to Aroostook County from southern Maine, my husband (a San Francisco Bay area native) was surprised how everyone seemed to know who he was, where he came from, and that we had recently moved there. He loved it. He felt welcomed, wanted, and he felt like we were all part of something important together – a community.

Having grown up in that community, I wasn’t surprised when people I hadn’t seen for 15 years or more stopped us to say hello, ask how we’re doing, drop off a big pot of spaghetti or casserole, or send a message on Facebook (which works better than a phone book in Aroostook County!). That’s just what people are like here – and I took it for granted.

In Aroostook County, looking out for your neighbors is not a challenge. Getting outdoors once the snow has melted and the weather warms up is not a challenge. Supporting a cause you care about is not a challenge.

Making a difference in your local community, supporting and encouraging students, sharing a commitment to Aroostook County…that is the challenge.

On Saturday, May 21, people of all ages are invited to participate in service projects in their community. Event details and registration for service projects are all online at and there is no charge to participate. A suggested donation of $15 is welcome and donations support Aroostook Aspirations Initiative’s work with Aroostook County students pursuing a college degree in Aroostook County.

Hey Aroostook…are you up for the challenge?


Kristen Wells
Executive Director
Aroostook Aspirations Initiative