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An AWESOME Weekend

This week AAI’s post is penned by Jordyn Madore, the Internship Hub of Aroostook Coordinator.  She writes about the experience of her first AWESOME weekend, and what it means for Gauvin Scholars. Do you ever think to yourself, “Man, I wish I had that opportunity when I was younger!” If so, get ready to think […]

5 ways you can make a difference for Aroostook kids

It’s another list my friends…a list of the things I was thinking about just this last week as I worked with Scholars, worked with area businesses, and began planning for our annual celebratory Gala and Heidi’s Hope, our annual serve-a-thon.  The gala supports the operations of our organization, and Heidi’s Hope is how we raise […]

5 ways I know I’m in Aroostook County.

Ah vacation, a time to clear the mind, a time to reflect, and often a time to travel. After a quick week away, driving back into my Aroostook County home felt wonderful.  On the way from Houlton through the forty-five miles to my hometown, I thought about all of the many sights and experiences that […]

Top 3 Myths in Aroostook County

Living in Aroostook County is not without its issues.  We know that the snow piles high and summer is too short.  In my walk over the last (almost) two years as executive director of this program, I’ve come across three primary myths I would like to clarify right now. Myth: There is nothing to do. […]

When was the last time you experienced pure joy?

A whole lot of my job is observation.  I watch meetings, I listen to the words that people say, and then I watch the way their body language matches those words.  I love to people watch, it was one of the best things about my childhood vacations; I could watch people from all over the […]

Why Unique is Aroostook Chic

I can’t believe the last two weeks have already flown by.  Let’s do a quick recap: Snow in May–yes it really did snow in Aroostook County on May 23rd.  Yes, that was late even for Aroostook.  Did it bother me? No…it really didn’t.  Mostly because I’ve lived here my whole life, and Aroostook’s weather sometimes […]

Why you need to just shake it off!

I saw a welcomed sight last week…a little league game in Teague Park.  Why is that so momentous? Because this was a long, hard, cold winter.  Living in Aroostook County has its challenges.  The winter are tough…but I don’t think anyone on earth appreciates great weather and sunshine like Aroostookins in springtime.  I drove by […]