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A little goes a long way

I think spring is finally here.  The climbing temperatures this week gives us a preview of what Aroostook holds for us this summer.  I don’t know about you, but the sun was welcomed yesterday, a warm bright beautiful round object that gives the world life. In education, spring means a lot of things.  It means […]

What good are pennies in the hands of children?

In late March, Zippel Elementary students did something amazing.  They turned pennies into change, not pocket change, real honest to goodness change. This is a pretty nifty video detailing the event: Zippel Event The staff at Zippel organized a penny war, the 5th grade students in ZAC (Zippel Activity Club) ran it, and classes competed […]

Why YOU need to know about Pineland Farms.

Living, Observing, and Learning In Aroostook It’s a quick excuse…There are no jobs in Aroostook. I hear that line every week in my travels…yet I know it not to be true. Not only are there jobs in Aroostook, I literally talk to employers every single week who are searching for great employees. “Aroostook is too rural, […]

Region Two: A “regional” resource for Aroostook Students

Aroostook Aspirations Initiative’s Monday morning Segment on WAGM assures I take time to learn and explore opportunities available to students in Aroostook. (Visit our YouTube channel for for Monday Morning segments on WAGM) I meet with businesses, interview students, and have a chance to sit and chat with incredible people. Aroostook Aspirations Initiative is the […]

Let’s talk Legacy

Aroostook Aspirations Initiative is always looking forward, but over the last week, I’ve thought a whole lot about legacy, what we leave behind. The accident that claimed five lives, the massive car pile up in southern Maine, even the recent losses closer to home remind us all that although life is brief, our lives matter. Our time […]

Read all about it!

Every week I look at our local newspapers, and before I log off for the night, I look over The Bangor Daily News. I love seeing Aroostook Aspirations Initiative in the paper, and I love seeing local students celebrated, local talents highlighted, and local dreams realized. I grew up with the Aroostook Republican and the […]