Introducing Living Observing Learning in Aroostook

April Flagg

April Flagg

I’ve lived 98% of my life in Aroostook County Maine. I attended public schools here, college, and even did cohort work with UMaine for my graduate and postgraduate degrees right in Aroostook. I taught here for years and loved my time in classroom. Many people ask me why I left teaching if I indeed loved it so much. My answer is simple: I loved teaching, but I love Aroostook more. I know it is a gift to live in Aroostook, have the chance to observe the events and activities here, and learn right along with students as Aroostook County grows and changes.

That’s why I’ve named this blog L—O—L; I love life in Aroostook. Is it challenging? Yes, as is life in any town in any place on our planet. We are all so busy living life, that often we forget to enjoy it, and there are plenty of chances to enjoy life in Aroostook County. Our schools are exceptional, our teachers original, and our students fill our schools with energy and ideas. Our landscapes can’t be matched, the sunrises and sunsets take our breath away every day, and the people, the people are unique, special, and just kind. There is a compassion that lives in Aroostook County; it rolls off of the people who grow up here and those who choose Aroostook for home.

I drive a lot with my job as Aroostook Aspiration’s executive director; the time allows me to see the beauty that is Aroostook County, and to think about different aspects of life and learning here. I visit with schools, I meet with businesses, and I try to learn as much as I can every day about the opportunities available in the present and the future in Aroostook. I meet incredible people every day, I mentor amazing kids (our illustrious Gauvin Scholars), and I work with businesses who are examples of hard work and perseverance, and the success that follows. We just don’t celebrate enough here; it is part of the humble trait in every County kid. We are taught not to brag, not to focus on the amazing things we do every day. That’s what this blog is about – the great things we do, the amazing sites we see, the awesome opportunities that stand before Aroostook.

If you are looking for a blog to inspire, to energize, or remember Aroostook County, this is the blog for you. I’ll share stories from my week, stories about my Gauvin Scholars, Aroostook County kids attending postsecondary schools in the County, stories of businesses small and large in Aroostook, events in our schools, in our communities, and I’ll continue to share the mission and passion of Aroostook Aspirations: to help more Aroostook kids experience success in postsecondary education, reversing the outward migration of our youth, and increasing our degree attainment.

Most of all, I promise to shine a little light on your week, and make you smile, County style.