Why you need to just shake it off!

I saw a welcomed sight last week…a little league game in Teague Park.  Why is that so momentous? Because this was a long, hard, cold winter.  Living in Aroostook County has its challenges.  The winter are tough…but I don’t think anyone on earth appreciates great weather and sunshine like Aroostookins in springtime.  I drove by that little league game, and a smile came to my face.  I felt calm, happy, and inspired.  THAT is what we all need to REMEMBER.  THAT sunshiny feeling.

The negative Nellies are a powerful force in Aroostook during the winter.  We complain about the snow, we complain about the cold, and we complain about drivers who can’t seem to handle a car in either.  But, this is springtime…we need to take those negative Nellies and (As Taylor Swift says) SHAKE IT OFF! (Yes, I just quoted Taylor swift, I like her…deal with it.)

I think my visitors last week also helped me shake off those negative Nellies.  How can you not smile when you see these faces?

Andrew & Nick, two Gauvin Scholars having some fun during their check ins.

Andrew & Nick, two Gauvin Scholars having some fun during their check ins.

These amazing young men, along with eleven other incredible Aroostook Gauvin Scholars, are finishing up their first years in college.  I had the chance last week to sit with half of our kids (the other half come this week).  We did some segment shooting, a few green screen fun pics, and some great candids.  We talked about their years, went over their schedules for next semester, did some planning for their retreat this summer, AWESOME weekend, and just caught up.  It was GREAT. It helped remind me and my whole staff why we do what we do everyday.  We ask, so we can DO! We are DOING SOMETHING about outward migration.  We are working hard to help Aroostook students achieve success right here at home. We need to grow Aroostook County, and those negative Nellies will not help us do that.

Aroostook, not only do those negative Nellies need to come off, we need to brag a little. We need to talk to our kids about success stories in Aroostook.  They need to know that YOU and I believe they CAN succeed here, because THEY CAN.  Seeing that little league game, touching base with our Gauvin Scholars, watching the dozens of applications that come through from kids who hope to join them this year is INSPIRING.

Watch our little Stephanie Hammond!



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Let’s talk about how to really shake off those negative Nellies. Tomorrow is make a gift day.  It’s a “give local” theme, and something I love most about Aroostook Aspirations is that we are local…only local.  Every penny donated to this organization helps us create programs and supports for Aroostook students, including of course our Gauvin Scholars who benefit the most from your donation.  Your gift can help dozens of Aroostook students. Students who want to choose Aroostook, and they need a little help.  Education is part of the solution for Aroostook.  Help us give that opportunity to County kids.  Giving is the purest form of good.  The donation you make can inspire you and inspire others.  Doing something good, giving back, is an amazing feeling. It is sunshiny…and you can do it inside or outside, on a computer, on a phone, or in person.

Imagine having a mentor early on in your college career, maybe you did.  Someone you could turn to when the negative Nellies creeped up, when you started to doubt yourself, your abilities, your path.  That’s what AAI does…we mentor, we support.  When the Scholars have bad days, we are here to listen.  When they need pointers on how to study, we are here to help.  We are here for them, because they are the future of Aroostook County. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, I might forget why I work so hard.  This week, some pretty adorable faces reminded me.  They are the future of Aroostook…and it is such an honor to work with them.

Do a little good today…click the link and make a donation.  Help Aroostook Aspirations reach more kids who want to choose Aroostook.  Share with me your stories of Aroostook County, why it is your home, or why in your heart it always will be.  Let’s make Aroostook’s future the brightest future possible, together.