8 Tips for College Success

We asked our 2014 Gauvin Scholars for a few tips for success to pass on to our new 2015 Gauvin Scholars as they begin their first semester of college.

Here are their top 8 tips:

#8 Use Flashcards
#7 Do not procrastinate!
#6 Wait to buy your books
#5 Trust your instincts!
#4 Seize every opportunity!
#3 Never give up!
#2 Don’t stress! Take it one step at a time.
#1 Don’t sweat the small stuff!

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I have to admit that I’ve been re-living my early college days vicariously through our 2015 Gauvin Scholars as their updates and photos of their first days on campus scroll in my Facebook newsfeed. Although it has been a few years since my undergraduate years (ok…like…17 years now) I do remember a few hard lessons I learned early on. If I were to add them to this list, I would include:
#9 Don’t hesitate to change classes in your first week if it’s not a good fit. Don’t waste time and money – if you’re dreading the whole semester after attending the first class, change it!
#10 Find a quiet place to do your homework. I had no problem having fun on campus, it was harder for me to find a quiet place to work without constant distractions (self created and/or “friend created”).

There is much to learn in the first semester of college! Do you have any tips for first-year college students?

2015 Gauvin Scholars
2015 Gauvin Scholars

Kristen Wells
Executive Director
Aroostook Aspirations Initiative